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Welcome to my photography gallery & photo blog

The plan here is to add at least one picture a week in a vertical scrolling space. [scroll down to see more]

Maybe daily?

My flickr stream is where all the action really occurs, especially my albums.
Other places I have photo-blogged include blogger [I know, I know, it was the 2000s what was I suppesed to do] and tumblr.

Context will also be added with each picture.

The date below will reflect the date I inserted each picture here.

I am also changing my front page image each time I upload a new picture to flickr, this is the reverse of the process here.
All of the pictures here will be from my 'archive'.
That's not to say I won't upload something recent. It's just that I prefer to curate my online presence in some order.
Visual, tonal or conceptual.

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I still love the way a phone camera allows you to drift away and observe in an almost out of body state.
This picture, made during a brief hospital visit was most likely made to escape the boredom or fear of being trapped in a hospital.

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//////  \\\\\\

The camera's single eye makes for some ineresting flattening of perspective.
The phone camera's is lens no exception given its fixed focal length and aperture.
Another thing about sharing to the internet you can use symbols to describe an image, while not impossible in a print context, it was osmething I only considered once I started exhibiting online

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I still love playing with space using the phones "perceived limtations".
This is an example.
Although I am yet to develop the idea of psyschogeography in my work this is a classic example of it.

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"... the world spins on his thumb"

In the early day when I first bought my digital camera, before smart phones got as good as they are now, I would carry my Nikon everywhere.
I have also had a fascination with shops and how they display their wares.
This is an example.

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Flat surfaces, bold colours, this is what ny camer does well.

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St.Kilda Melbourne Victoria Australia 2007:06:30 09:41:02

More simple abstractions that play on surface, reflection amongst other ideas.
The perceived shortcomings of these devices was always something I tried to exlpoit

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Daylesford, Victoria, Australia, 2007:06:10 11:29:59

More flatness, a formal componenet of photogrpahy, also in Daylesford also a wall, with some found objects.
None of which were moved or placed by me.

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Romeo's bleeding

My Sony Ericsson phone is now, under the rght conidtions, making useable files, for screen viewing anyway.
I am stil experimning at this point and trying to make more formal work now.

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Melbourne Victoria Australia  2007:08:04 13:46:04

Another simple abstraction exploiting a camera phones perciveived weaknesses.

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East Hawthorn, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 2006-11-02 16:33:02

By 2005, I was getting really pushing the boudaries in terms of what might consitute a good photograph.
Working in a college where photogrpahy was taught mean that interesting things were going on around all the time.
The digital noise, now considered a drawback in a phone camera was a plus adding to the quaintness of it all. Signifigin nostalgia almost.

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.  .  o  .  .

Digital has allowed me to pursue ideas that would have proved too costly using film.
Concrete that displays texture or other imperfections is one of those ideas.
I even created a flickr group especially for it.
This concrete is actually in Sydney, Australia's largest city.
From memory this was also part of the Sydney harbour bridge.

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Auburn, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 2006-12-08 13:31:30

Before the iPhone there were many excellent phone cameras. Sony Ericsson was leading the pack in the day. I owned a high end C902 before I got my fist iPhone 4
Still; these picutres I made were "sketches" "experiments", never meant for much more than sharing on line.
These experiments were unhindered by anything other than me seeing what things looked like when photographed using such a small device.
This is why I love flickr so much.
So much experimentation.

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Sunshine, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 2007-01-03 20:23:48

When we first moved to our current house Mlebourne entered a drought that lasted almost 10 years.
This playground is now verdant and lush all year round.
In the intervenng years there has been mre equipment added and the Silos in the backgound are now no longer used.
The light here though is sublime, it was dusk.

This picture appears in the following albums:-


aluminium V2.0

This picture is one of the rasons I still wander around looking for potential pictures. Anywhere and everywhere.
I drive past this factory at least once a week 30 or so weeks of the year. I have never seen anything that comes close to looking like this since I took this.
That some shiny pieces of metal randomly piled up can make I think an intersting compostion still thrills me.

This picture is also in the following albums on flickr:-



Another picture made at the MCG.

This picture also appears in the following albums on flickr:-



More minimalist imagery today.
Melbourne has a sporting stdium, large and close to the CBD. It's called the MCG.
This is a small detail of the overall grander structure. Which also happens to be concrete, another photographic obsession of mine.
Scale and function are difficult to judge here, another reason to like this photo.

This picture also appears in the following flickr albums:-



drunk on the moon

This picture is another example of an idea I only got brave enough to attempt thanks to digitial.
I love the high key minimalsim of it.
It was made quite casually, while siiting in a bar having a few beers one aftenoon.
The title refers to a Tom Waits song, he is in my top 3 musical artists of all time.

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touch it

Todays picture is again a little more abstract.
What you can't see is the texture of the wallpaper.

This photo also appears in the following albums:-


Telecommunication device [Sunshine Melbourne Victoria Australia 2005-10-24 17:30:57]

Today's pictues is also from very near my house.
We live at a major rial junction. It has a long history in Victoria, my home state.
This space has undergone some changes over the years, but this pole is still here.
The other thing that I like about this image is the sky.
Skies have long been a challenge with film based photography. I managed to use basic post production to bring this sky to life.
Thanks to the RAW file I was producing in this camera. And of course the excellent software I now use.

This picture appears in the following albums on flickr:-



A couple of days ago, I posted a minimalist picture of surfaces and with a hint of nature.
Today's picture os from the same location, only with a wide view.
Aso amazing clods.

This picture appears in the following albums on flickr:-


Form follows.....?

Something more abstract today
This is an exterior wall of a University buidling.
I both worked and studied there in years gone past.
One of the other things that photogrpahy can do well is "abstract" the world around you, this is an example of that idea.

This picture also appears in the following albums:-



This image is from the same place as yesterday, only this time I was interested in the grasses forming an element that highlighted the constructed.
I often like to make zen like minimal compositions and this is one of my favourties

This image appears in the following albums on flickr:-



This picture is of a place close to where I live. In the early days of flickr I would often wander camera in hand, chasing intersting things to photograph.
What I like about this picture is the greys.
Grey and silver are similar and silver can sometimes shimmer.
Textures here are a big part of this picture too. Sadly the place has changed dramatically in the interveneing years. You can just see it in the background of this picture

This picture also appears in the following albums:-


Flinders street/Federation Square, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 2005:11:08 18:10:09

The Shards at Fedearion Square are amazing pieces of architecture. Seen here overshadowed by the nearby church, St. Pauls Cathedral.
In the early 2000s I wandered around Federation Square a lot.

This picture also appears in the following flickr albums:-


Richmond, Melbourne, Vidtoria, Australia 2005-10-20 18:49:09

One of the advantages of digital is how it allows for experimenting and risk taking.
This kind of picture I might have attempted using a film camera.
Digital however allows me to fire off rapidly a series of images and once downlaoded to my compter pick the one that I think succeeded.

This pcture appears in the following albums:-


...up in smoke

This image was made on one of my project based drives around my home state of Victoria.
The idea is to follow roads that are not major ones [C roads] and see what I discover, a kind of motorised psychogeography.
This sleepy hamlet probably has a dozen or so inhabitants.
No doubt it has changed substationally in the intervening years.

This image also appears in the following albums on flickr:-


Hepburn Springs, Victoria, 2001

Today's image was made in 2001. In 2002, my wife and I were married on this very spot.
So it's fair to say this photo has a lot of perosnal siginificance. Making it really special. Maybe I should print it one day?

This image is in the following albums, fringes, edges or margins, light,2001 & Kodak DC260


Melbourne's CBD skyline, from the North Melbourne Railyards.

This area is also no longer accesible. It too is going through some very major changes.
It is within walking distance of the last pictue I uploaded however and comes from a time I have fond memories of when flickr was still in its infancy.
The light in this pcutre is what has always attracted me to it, given the time of day, and year I was indeed lucky to be able to work under these ligting conditions.

This picture also appears in the following albums:-


West Melbourne, Melboune, Victoria, Australia. 2005-07-08  15:31:03

I have long had a fascination with incongruous places, this is one of many I frequent.
I always liked the way the shiny skyline peeked out from the darkness of the bridge.
At the time, this place was a part of Melbuorne where the extensive metropolitan network was marshalled overnight.
Now the whole area is changing and I can no longer gain acess to it.
I am however, still photographing in and around this area, see my blog for some recent photos.

The picture is also the follwing albumns, Canon, psychogeography, poles & wires and neo-documentary.


Basilica di Santa Maria in Aracoeli [PICT0411]

In 2004 my wife and I travelled on our first big overseas trip together, we live in Australia.
This chance moment was captured atop a open top roof bus.
I love the scale and the v formed by the architeture. The dark ominous cloud emphasises the scene dramatically.
All taken on the fly, I could not have planned it better.

This image also appears in the following albumd, Whirlwind World Trip 2004, Italy, People are strange[rs]


Fed Square Precinct

Fed Square Precinct, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 2005-05-10 15:39:40.
Federation square was another place that I freqented often many years ago.
It was opened in 2002, even 3 years later the site had a buzz and was worth exploring.

This image also appears in the following albums, gone but not forgotten, fed square, light


fibreglass sculptures #1

Back in the early 2000s, this place, coloquially known as The Docklands, was new and interesting. I spent a lot of time down there making pictures.
This sculpture is titled Silence and is by the Artist, Adrian Mauriks.It is an interesting part of melbourne with lots of modern architecture..
I still visit on occasion as it is not far from my house.

This picture also appears in, the follwoing albums, O.P.A [Other People's Art, portrait of a place, public art.


sunset over the yards [P0004769]

sunset over the yards [P0004769]. This image is from the railway sdings and land close to my house.

I have photogrpahed this area continually at various times of the day and year uisng all kinds of cameras, from my Kodak DC260 [now dead]
and my 5X4 inch monorail large format film camera.
I love the late afternoon light that is probably around dusk here sweeping across the early winter scene.
This scene too has changed extensivley in the intervening 20 plus years, a major infrastrucre project will change it more.

This photogrtpah also appears in the following albums on flickr; light, Sunshine; my place, poles and wires



Wheelers Hill, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 2004-12-21 14:31:38

Wheelers Hill, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 2004-12-21 14:31:38

I have long had an interest in spaces where nature and the constructed environment collide, as well as the fringes of these places.

The picture also appears in the following albums. Art & Mathematics, Poles & Wires, Fringes Edges & Margins


Willow Trees, Sunshine, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, [P0007145]

Willow Trees, Sunshine, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, [P0007145]

This picture is from near where live, Sunshine. I made it, somewhere between 2000 to 2002.
Things have changed radically in the intervening years. This area is now fenced off making a reshoot tricky.
The grass is not mowed this way any more either. A real problem as far as snakes are concerned. I hate snakes, no fear them, vehemently.

This picture appears in the following albums, Sunshine: my place, 2002 gone but not forgotten & Kodak DC 260.



Desert Protest [Hattah, Victoria, Australia 29-08-2004]

Mildura is a large regional city on the border of Victoria and New South Wales.
It is 532 kilometers from where I live; it takes a day to get there by car. We visit every couple of years as my wife's father and his family still live there.
Desert Protest [Hattah, Victoria, Australia 29-08-2004]

Note the bus stop sign, in what is essentially an empty place; ie the middle of nowhere.

This picture is in the following albums on flickr, gone but not forgotten, psychogeography,Neo-documentary



East Bentleigh, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia [P0007120]

East Bentleigh, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Dusk on Centre road East Bentleigh. Two corporate fast food chains glow temptingly.

This image also appears in the following albums on flickr, buy, buy, buy, low lights and night lights, & surreal or abstract?


Sunshine Rd, Sunshine, Melbourne Victoria Australia [circa 1995-2004]

Sunshine Rd, Sunshine, Melbourne Victoria Australia [circa 1995-2004].
I have been photographing the suburb I live in since moving here in 2000. This image is of a place that no longer exits, or rather it has been re-purposed.
It is now an Islamic cultural centre.

This image is also in the following albums on flickr, poles & wires, servos, gone but not forgotten and Sunshine; my place.


Wurundjeri Way, Docklands, Melbourne, Australia

Wurundjeri Way, Docklands, Melbourne, Australia,
Sometime prior to 2004, possibly as early as 2000?

This pcture is from a time when I was learning about digital photography's strenghts and weaknesses.
The memory card on this camera was a whopping 8 MB and the process to download and work with these files was archaic by today's standards.
Some other albums this image is in are:- poles & wires, gone but not forgotten, and 2000


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